Create Your Dream Dressing Room with Walk-in Wardrobes

4 door white and mirrored wardrobe

Glide and Slide can help create your dream dressing room a reality with unique, modern, custom walk-in wardrobe designs. Transforming an unused bedroom into a luxurious, thought out space to store all your clothing and accessories can help reduce clutter and maximise your available space. It is an opportunity to incorporate your own tastes and…

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Saving space with floor to ceiling wardrobes

sliding wardrobe in bedroom

With spring coming up we’re all looking to declutter our homes and create an open airy space ready to let that fresh air in. The best place to start is the place you spend the most time, your bedroom. Many people are working from home and spending a lot of time staring at things in…

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How to achieve the wardrobe of your dreams

hinged door range website

Do you dream of finding the wardrobe of your dreams? Have the misconception that you either needs lots of money or space to achieve that Celebrity walk in wardrobe?  With the right tools and storage solutions you can easily now turn that dream into reality at an affordable price, tailored to your exact design and…

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Tips on Furnishing a New Build Property

Newly Built House

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting milestones in many people’s lives. New build houses are a great opportunity for a lot of people to get onto the property ladder, with a modern, fresh start. Once the stressful moving process has been completed, the next task is selecting furniture and decorating. New…

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The Beauty of Made to Measure Fitted Wardrobes

Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe Doors

With the current unprecedented climate we are currently living in, with lockdowns and more of us spending more time at home, it’s understandable than many of us are looking to improve our homes, make more use of our living spaces and add possible monetary value to our homes, should we decide to sell later down…

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Benefits of using an online wardrobe configurator

wardrobe configurator

Are you looking to create bespoke wardrobes? Why not use an online configurator? Our online wardrobe configurator allows you to create your very own wardrobes and even see the price upfront! No leaving home One of the main benefits of using a wardrobe configurator (especially at the moment) is that you can use the tool…

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Hinged vs. Sliding Wardrobe Doors

fitted wardrobe inside

A Professional’s Advice Working for a fitted wardrobe company means this question is possibly more controversial and divisive for us than it is for our potential readers. However, it is one we are asked a lot here at Glide & Slide. While most of our customers go for the sliding doors option, there are many…

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Top 5 decluttering methods

clothes hung up in an organised fashion

Tidying tactics that might work for you If you’ve recently decided to have a made to measure wardrobe fitted in your house, you might be thinking that it’s time to declutter. We have put together a list of what we believe to be the most effective forms of decluttering your room, preparing you to create…

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health worker with elderly person

We’re Reopening on 18th May! Following the latest information from the government, we are really pleased to inform you of the following we will be opening the showroom from the 18th of May 1. We will open the showroom from the 18th of May by appointment only initially. Rest assured safeguards are in place for…

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How to Efficiently Clean Glass Wardrobe Doors

person blue gloves spraying surface

If you have young children with grubby fingers or perhaps you’ve always opened your glass or mirrored door using your hands, there’s a strong possibility that your wardrobe doors are in need of a deep cleanse. However, many have problems cleaning them without smudging or creating streaks. Our blog post will teach you the tips…

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