Top 5 decluttering methods

clothes hung up in an organised fashion

Tidying tactics that might work for you If you’ve recently decided to have a made to measure wardrobe fitted in your house, you might be thinking that it’s time to declutter. We have put together a list of what we believe to be the most effective forms of decluttering your room, preparing you to create…

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health worker with elderly person

We’re Reopening on 18th May! Following the latest information from the government, we are really pleased to inform you of the following we will be opening the showroom from the 18th of May 1. We will open the showroom from the 18th of May by appointment only initially. Rest assured safeguards are in place for…

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How to Efficiently Clean Glass Wardrobe Doors

person blue gloves spraying surface

If you have young children with grubby fingers or perhaps you’ve always opened your glass or mirrored door using your hands, there’s a strong possibility that your wardrobe doors are in need of a deep cleanse. However, many have problems cleaning them without smudging or creating streaks. Our blog post will teach you the tips…

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