Are you looking to create bespoke wardrobes? Why not use an online configurator? Our online wardrobe configurator allows you to create your very own wardrobes and even see the price upfront!

No leaving home

One of the main benefits of using a wardrobe configurator (especially at the moment) is that you can use the tool in the comfort of your own home. This feature allows you to create your dream wardrobe whilst maintaining safety at all times.

See the price upfront

One major advantage of using an online wardrobe configurator is that you can see your price upfront. Our configurator also allows you to make changes as you go through the process, allowing you to make adjustments based on the cost or aesthetic. You can change door styles, colours an finishes whilst keeping an eye on the cost, meaning no expensive surprises will pop up.

Add measurements

Our online wardrobe configurator is quick and easy to use, allowing you to make different measurements depending on your ideas. For example, you may have multiple places you would like to implement your bespoke wardrobes and our tool allows you to make multiple different measurements and designs which will cost you very little time.

Watch it happen

Using an online wardrobe configurator also allows you to visualise your design. This can help bring your design to life so that you can plan the rest of your bedroom. This is yet another feature that is advantageous as you may wish to change aspects of your wardrobe to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Our team can also complete a CAD drawing of your wardrobes for you.


wardrobe configurator


Compare the results

Using an online wardrobe configurator can also help you make your final decision. If you create an account, you can return to your basket and view your creation. This feature may be particularly useful for comparing and contrasting, helping you make your final decision.