Storage Solutions for Awkward Spaces

Solutions For Awkward Spaces in Your Home

Don't let awkward corners or challenging layouts limit your home's potential. Explore our range of fitted furniture solutions and discover how you can turn those unconventional spaces into valuable and purposeful areas. Our bespoke solutions offer all clients storage solutions for their awkward spaces. We don’t believe in wasted space, so from floor to ceiling, Glide and Slide will measure up, and design your furniture with you.

We have experience and efficient solutions for loft spaces, awkward alcoves, sloped ceilings and floors, bay windows and chimney breasts. We don’t leave any gaps between walls and furniture, because every nook and cranny has potential.

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storage solutions for awkward spaces

Ideas for Storage Solutions in Awkward Spaces


The perfect space for displaying or hiding away your items.

You can design fitted wardrobes or cupboards on either side of your chimney breast so that you can utilise the space for hanging clothes in bedrooms, storing books, games or extra blankets in living rooms and more. A Fitted wardrobe means the furniture hugs the space it slots into. With bespoke measurements, your alcove will be tightly fit so that no gaps go to waste. Look no further than Glide and Slide for storage solutions for awkward spaces, as alcoves are the perfect opportunity for our fitted furniture.

Alternatively, display your items, be it photo frames, ornaments, books and a music collection. Alcoves fitted with shelving can open up the space and give a homely feel to living rooms or dining spaces. Displaying glasses and plates in open shelving or cabinets is a great option for those awkward spaces!

Sloped Ceilings

Whether it’s a loft or an awkwardly sized room, Glide and Slide have storage solutions for these spaces. A slanted ceiling is no challenge for our design team! We fit our wardrobes and cupboards to the shape of your room with precise measurements, installing them so that no space goes to waste. Even with sloped walls and ceilings, you can utilise your floor space and interiors can be designed with rails, shelving, draws and racks so that you can conveniently access everything as well as efficiently store it.

Bay Windows

With an opportunity for extra seating, you can practically transform the space in front of your bay window to provide storage solutions for awkward spaces. Bay windows in bedrooms and living spaces are beautiful features in the home and often let in lots of light to open up your room but they can be difficult to fit with furniture. Glide and Slide can provide a fitted window bench with practical storage options so you can use the space in more than one way.

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Small Bedrooms

A bedroom is primarily for sleeping and resting but is often used to dress and sometimes work in. Small bedrooms can feel tight to move around or facilitate essentials for your day-to-day life. By replacing standing furniture with fitted wardrobes and drawers, you’ll be increasing wall space, using floor-to-ceiling space to its max. You can also include smart designs like the ‘cloffice’ where your desk can be tucked away into a closet/wardrobe and shut away at the end of the day. Glide and Slide can determine the most efficient use of space with our wide range of furnishings and designs. Make your small bedroom a dream to sleep in, with fitted and sliding wardrobes, and even overhead bed storage!

Ditch the Free Standing Furniture

We are committed to transforming your living spaces with our customisable and aesthetically pleasing fitted wardrobe designs. From making the most of challenging room layouts to optimising every inch of space, our expertise extends to crafting solutions that marry functionality with style. Get in touch today.

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