Slatwall Panelling

Minimalistic Designs

Slatwall panelling adds instant character to any room. With beautiful finishes, simplistic texture and natural colour added to your space, you’ll find satisfaction in the light and warmth it breathes into your home. As a feature wall, our Slatwall panelling works well to bring new life into a room, with warm shades of oak or rustic tones that fit well into any home décor. With a feature that can blend into the interiors of your rooms or stand out as a juxtaposition of colour, Glide and Slide's Slatwalls are the latest rage that we’re completely on board with! Our Slatwalls are versatile and look amazing with other wooden furnishings in the room that complement the slick, wooden finishes we have available in store.

slat wall panelling
slat wall panelling bedroom

Dynamic Backdrops

Our Slatwalls are adaptable for all spaces but work brilliantly as backdrops or feature walls in living rooms and dining spaces. The nature of the wood and the horizontal texture is effective as a backdrop to a TV wall or behind side tables and other linear furnishings that elongate the appearance of a room. A contemporary touch, but nevertheless original and classic; our wooden panelling will seamlessly integrate into any home design. Pick your favourite designs today!

Our designs are flexible so they look great anywhere in the house! Including behind your bed's headboard, or in the entranceways and corridors of your home as midi-size panelling. We even recommend applying our panelling to your fitted wardrobes to bring texture to the doors.

Our Luxury Ranges

With decorative and stylish feature walls, Glide and Slide aim to bring texture and colour to your living rooms or spaces that could use some TLC. Want a light and natural finish in your living room? Then our warm oaks and rustic colours will create an inviting environment. Or if you’d prefer a moody atmosphere with darker tones, our range covers shades that everyone can enjoy. Glide and Slide furnishings work in harmony with our Slatwall panels as a fitted room optimises the space so that it looks open and spacious; Slatwall panelling adds to this even more. With a feature wall in your living room, it draws the eye into the space and the linear texture makes the walls look tall and sleek. Slatwall panelling looks great in bathrooms or dining spaces too! With a minimalistic approach to your interiors, you can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of any room.

slat wooden panelling

Our Gallery

slat wall living space open plan
slat wall bedroom
slat wall living space
slat wall panelling for hallway and entrance
slat wall panelling bedroom
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Slatwall wardrobes

Installation of Your Slatwall

It’s easy peasy! Our installers fit your slatwall panelling quickly and with very little disruption to your home. Our panels come separately and custom size, and will be attached to your walls with an adhesive and some screws. They’ll appear seamless and attractive as they reach from ceiling to skirting board in a neat and detailed application.

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