How to Efficiently Clean Glass Wardrobe Doors

If you have young children with grubby fingers or perhaps you’ve always opened your glass or mirrored door using your hands, there’s a strong possibility that your wardrobe doors are in need of a deep cleanse. However, many have problems cleaning them without smudging or creating streaks. Our blog post will teach you the tips and tricks to give you a fitted wardrobe that looks as good as new.

person in blue gloves holding white textile

Tips to cleanse your mirrored sliding doors

Getting the right product

Probably the most important step, you need to make sure that you have a product that doesn’t leave marks but also removes any marks currently in place. We have three options here, each as good as the other and guaranteed to leave your mirror sparkling:

Shop bought products

Of course, this is the obvious solution and works very well. You can purchase a range of products most of which will be titled mirror cleaner or glass cleaner. Of course the easiest, most convenient way of cleaning a mirror, however if you’re looking for something cheaper, you can try our homemade remedies below.

Vinegar and Water

This works very well and, don’t worry, the smell doesn’t linger at all. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and 3-4 tablespoons of white vinegar. This can be kept for a long time and reused until it runs out.

Washing up liquid and Water

Like the vinegar, simply fill a spray bottle with water and add a small squirt of your everyday washing up liquid. This shouldn’t be much at all! You can again keep this bottle and use it to clean your mirrors and glass doors when necessary.

Get the right cloth

It’s all good and fine getting the right cleaning solution, however the cloth is equally important. Try a microfibre cloth to reduce any fibres remaining on the wardrobe doors.

If you are again looking for a home remedy here, we can suggest kitchen towel or even newspaper, just make sure you spray the solution directly on to the doors rather than the paper as this will make it too soggy to be effective.

Keep your tracks clear

This is a little trick from us, almost a bonus if you will. We recommend vacuuming your wardrobes tracks every time you hoover your room. This will not only keep the fluid glide of your wardrobe door for years to come but will also reduce the dirt that could be collecting on the bottom of your mirror, keeping your mirror clean for a long time to come.

Additionally, we always advertise that a fitted wardrobe reduces allergens as there are less places for dust to accumulate. However, we would suggest that you vacuum the tracks as this is one place that allergens can collect.