Under Stairs Storage

Quite often, the space under the stairs can be forgotten or used inefficiently. That’s why at Glide & Slide, we work to the contours of your home to create under stairs storage that suits your needs. Discover storage solutions for your vacuum cleaner, shoes, coats and board games. Keep everything organised in a space that otherwise goes unused with under stairs storage that just works!

You could transform the space into your new favourite area of the house. Why not install shelves for your books and build a library? Store your special occasion dinner service and tablecloths, and keep important documents in draws that are easy to find. There are endless ideas for how you can use the space...

cupboards for your under stairs storage which glide & slide can provide

Under Stairs storage solutions

At Glide & Slide, working within tight, awkward spaces is our speciality. We work specifically with fitted furniture to optimise your living spaces and provide bespoke solutions that are both functional and contemporary. Under stairs storage can be a smart way of utilising a small space by transforming it into a neat, compact storage area.

There are a multitude of ways to transform under your stairs, such as a reading corner, a bedroom for your pet, a seating area, or more importantly, bespoke furnishings, and this is where Glide & Slide can help.

Focal Points in Your Home

The space beneath your staircase is a key focal point in your home, serving as a hallway storage area, a feature in your living space, or even part of your reception. Your impeccable taste in colours and design, coupled with clever organisation, will surely impress your guests. Whether your staircase is compact or spacious, our fitted furniture is meticulously crafted to perfectly match the contours of your under stairs area, ensuring a seamless and customized solution for your storage needs.

under stairs storage

Awkward Spaces

Sloped ceilings and tight spaces mean a forgotten space where shoes and coats are generally discarded. However, Glide & Slide thrives in such areas, and with over 30 years of industry experience, they can work to your needs and provide you with a bespoke interior. We encourage the use of under stairs storage because it’s a focal point of the house, and with our contemporary fittings, we are sure to make the area a beautiful feature to be proud of.

Built-in interior furniture

Under stairs are notorious for being awkward tight areas, that offer a sloping roof and a tight alcove. But what Glide & Slide do is utilise this space, by carefully contouring to the unusual shape of the space and optimising the area to the best of its ability. The furnishings can be fitted to the exact requirements and are designed to suit the area perfectly with a flawless, contemporary finish. Our furnishings come in varying sizing and shapes and can complement any space from our huge selection of sleek and modern designs.

books storage under stairs. buy from glide & slide
under stairs storage. buy from glide & slide

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