Fitted Living Room Furniture

Custom built in cabinets & desks are a popular choice for Glide & Slide customers. Your home should be clutter-free – a space you can close the door and relax. Glide & Slides fitted living room furniture makes the most of your home space, providing an open room for you to enjoy for years to come…

built in cabinets and desks from Glide & Slide

Built-in Cabinets & Desks – Fitted living room furniture

Whether you’re searching for somewhere to house your games, film collection or favourite children's novels ready for a quiet Sunday afternoon, our fitted living room furniture can house it all. With a range of bespoke furniture custom built for you at Glide & Slide, your space will be just as unique as you are.

Living room furniture specifically tailored to you!

With an impressive 30 years of experience, Glide & Slide are the trusted experts customers use. Everything we create is made to measure in our very own manufacturing facility in Aldridge, ensuring all products are quality assured and nothing less than perfect!

Our mission is to create your perfect room! With our experience in making fitted living room furniture of all shapes and sizes, we are confident we will transform your living room by keeping clutter at bay by maximising your space. We offer a range of designs at Glide & Slide, so you’ll find the perfect style for you. Come to our showroom to get some inspiration or call one of our furniture experts today.

Below are the popular rooms we build furniture in. We pride ourselves on making made-to-measure furniture, so if there is an awkward space you want to fill, why wait to get in contact with us?

Dining Room

Dining rooms are always in need of storage. You may want something to store your fancy glasses and tableware, or a unit for all your dinner party board games?


Desks are very important in a study. They are the main feature of the room and it’s hard to come across tailored bespoke desks that aren’t completely unacceptable prices. Whether it’s a writing desk, a computer desk, a corner desk, a desk for home working or office working, there is no challenging space we can’t work with. With all our desks being custom-made, we will design your dream desk that fits your requirements.

Media Room

Built-In cabinets are a popular choice in media rooms. They can make a great focal point of your media room, whether you want to showcase a movie collection or store your precious filming equipment, our cabinets are perfectly eye-catching.


This is a space that most homeowners want to fill due to it being an awkward space! Glide & Slide work with all measurements and has the ability to maximise all small spaces offering storage solutions that will fully transform your room.

Sliding Wardrobes

We are famous for our fitted wardrobes at Glide & Slide. So, while shopping around for other storage solutions, why not discuss our vast range of wardrobes and what we can do to fill our awkward bedroom spaces?

fitted wardrobe for bedroom from glide & slide
sliding wardrobes from glide and slide

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Speak to a member of the Glide & Slide team today and design your bespoke fitted living room furniture today! You will be talked through all the options available and even go into some of our innovative storage solutions. Get ready to make the most of your living room space with Glide & Slide.

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