How to Keep your Wardrobe Organised

How to keep your wardrobe organised

With many of us stuck at home for the indefinite future, a lot of us are running out of things to do. Bored of the same old housework and completing the same three puzzles that you didn’t even consider doing before the pandemic, it might be time to try something new. Although daunting, organising your wardrobe will make you feel a bit lighter and definitely kill some time!

4 tips for keeping your wardrobe organised:

Have a quarterly cleanout

To really stay on top of the organisation of a fitted wardrobe, you need to have regular cleanouts only keeping the clothing, accessories and shoes that you actually wear. The best way to do this is following the KonMarie method, asking yourself whether the item in your hands sparks joy. Having a quarterly cleanout makes organisation much easier s there is less clutter to contend with.

Separate by season

Keep your clothes organised by season with easy access to those that fall under the season you’re in. For example. During the winter have all your jumpers at eye height so you can easily reach and see them. Shorts and other summer items can be stored in lower or higher drawers to keep them out of the way. By seasonally separating your clothes, you won’t be rifling through your drawers trying to find that one jumper maintaining your organised structure.

brown leather bag in shelf

Store things correctly

It’s easy to start hanging your jumpers and folding your shirts to maximise wardrobe space, but this will not benefit you in the long run. Certain things can lose shape by being folded, follow our guide below:

  • Tops & Shirts: Hang these up unless they’re old and wear around the house, these can be folded
  • Jumpers: fold these up
  • Suit trousers and skirts: hang up suit trousers and skirts if they wrinkle easily
  • Jeans and sturdy trousers: fold sturdy bottoms up that will keep their shape
  • Dresses: hang them up unless they’re long or heavy, these should be folded

Invest in the right wardrobe

If you’ve got an old wardrobe with just an area for hanging and one draw, chances are this isn’t going to cut it. Installing a bespoke made to measure wardrobe designed by you will help to get the storage just right. You can choose the size and number of drawers, the height of any hanging space, and whether hinged or sliding doors work better. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can make your organisation you own.