Why You Should Invest in Built-in Sliding Wardrobes

If you are deciding whether to buy freestanding hinged wardrobes or built-in sliding wardrobes, let us tell you all the many benefits of choosing to go with the fitted, made-to-measure option.

Choose Custom Made Sliding Wardrobe Doors

  • Built-in sliding wardrobes offer much more storage space than freestanding shop brought ones. They utilise all available floor to ceiling space leaving no gaps. This makes the most of all the bedroom vertical space, giving you much more room without having to take up more floor space.


  • A big benefit is It helps you be more organised with clothing. There is no need to cram clothes into a small space anymore. You will have personal internal storage designed to what you need most of. You can create a mixture of hanging and shelving space, with added extras like shoe rails and accessory drawers to ensure everything has a designated area of your fitted wardrobe.


  • Create a truly custom design. The huge advantage of built-in wardrobes is the flexibility to change the internal space and even external doors if you want to in the future. You can make use of the strong framing structure forever, and are not stuck having to buy cheaper quality freestanding wardrobes that do not last long


  • You have the option to have a tailored solution to fit any awkward space. No matter how difficult your bedroom space is, a built-in sliding wardrobe allows you to create storage that perfectly fits and still looks stylish


  • A lifetime investment – sliding wardrobe doors are an excellent investment for any homeowner for the duration of time you live there. They will add additional value to your home and be attractive to any potential buyer if you ever look to sell.

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