Glass Sliding Wardrobes in Birmingham

Glide & Slide are all about keeping up with the latest trends and designs… home décor is ever-evolving and with so many new builds wanting to fit floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, our bespoke work is becoming very much in demand. We have designed a selection that we know will be very sought after with glass sliding wardrobes now a popular choice in Birmingham and beyond.

Why Glass Sliding Wardrobes?

If you are wanting frosted glass sliding wardrobes or mirrored glass sliding wardrobes, we have up to date aesthetically pleasing designs to suit your taste. Take a look at our free online brochure or come and see what we have to offer yourself by stopping by our on-site showroom. Everything we produce at Glide & Slide comes with a 5-year guarantee for your own peace of mind.

Did you know that choosing glass for your wardrobe doors is the number 1 chosen material? Our beautiful selection of glass reflects the ambient light, making your wardrobe a feature piece of your room. If you want to speak to one of our experts, do not hesitate to contact us – we offer advice and solutions to help build your dream furniture.

Glass Sliding Wardrobes Birmingham

Ready to transform your space?

Browse our gallery for design inspiration, explore our online configurator to personalise your dream wardrobe, or get a free quote today! Let us help you create a beautiful and functional storage solution that perfectly complements your unique style.

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5 Year Warranty Glass Sliding Wardrobes


Sliding wardrobes will help maximise the space in your room, even if it’s an awkward space you are trying to get the most out of.


We elegantly design your wardrobes to look like a feature with the added bonus of tidy, compact storage. The look of our designs is sleek and the storage is so impressive, that’s why our customers love us!

Every Inch of space matters!

Floor space is valuable, so why would you want to eat away at it? With our wardrobes being built on any wall and the doors not opening out into your floor space, we are proud to say we make the most of your room without taking up any more floor space than necessary.

Brightens The Room

Glass panels allow natural light to penetrate deeper into the wardrobe, illuminating your clothes and making the entire room feel brighter and more spacious. This is especially beneficial in rooms with limited windows.

Glass instantly adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your bedroom. It creates a clean-lined aesthetic that complements various interior design styles.

You're not limited to clear glass! Choose frosted, tinted, or patterned glass for a touch of privacy or to add a decorative element. Mirrored glass doors are another popular option, offering both a stylish look and the functionality of a full-length mirror. The smooth glass surface is easy to wipe clean, minimising dust build-up compared to fabric or textured doors.

Overall, glass sliding wardrobe doors are a worthwhile investment that offers a perfect blend of functionality, style, and space optimisation. They can transform your bedroom into a more organised, visually appealing, and light-filled haven.