Wardrobe Configurator

At Glide and Slide, we know it can be hard to ask for a quote for something without knowing whether you truly want it or can afford it. That's why we created our wardrobe configurator. The application allows you to put in the measurements, range, a number of doors required, measurement and material of the door you want to be fitted, the colour of the frame, the interior style and any material inside your fitted wardrobe. Once you've done this, the configurator will give you a price estimate, allowing you to make an informed decision regarding whether a bespoke wardrobe is the right move for you.

Once you have filled in our wardrobe configurator, we will take you to a payment page where you can decide if you want to go forward with the purchase or if you need more time.  Please note that our configurator only quotes you for the price of the parts and not the installation process. Filling in our configurator has no hidden obligation to pay, so why not have a go today.

Bespoke Wardrobe Designed by You