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Are sliding wardrobes what you're looking for in Atherstone? A sliding wardrobe is a practical storage solution for your home or place of business. They come in a range of forms, colours, and designs and offer storage options that save space. What’s more, we design & configure them to your exact measurements.

Sliding Wardrobe Designs

At Glide & Slide, we offer a variety of sliding wardrobe designs. These include sliding wardrobes with mirrors. The room will appear brighter and larger thanks to the mirrored sliding wardrobes, which are a perfect solution for small rooms. Our mirrored sliding wardrobes are available in a range of styles to go with your bedroom's decor and any complementary furnishings. Get in contact if you're thinking about purchasing Glide and Slides' mirrored sliding wardrobes in Atherstone.

Save Space with Sliding Wardrobes

Utilise the storage areas provided by sliding wardrobes. Say goodbye to untidy bedrooms in your Atherstone house and take advantage of your sliding wardrobe to neatly store your shoes, jewellery, hats, purses, belts, and other clothing items.

It is quite beneficial to consider how the rooms in your home will appreciate over time. If you ever decide to sell your home, the quantity of space and the size of the bedrooms will be crucial factors for prospective buyers. Sliding wardrobes can raise the value of your property in Polesworth by transforming the area into a tidy and enhanced one.

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Wardrobe Configurator

Thanks to Glide & Slide’s selection of sliding wardrobes, there is one to suit the majority of tastes and price ranges.  With our custom online wardrobe configurator, you may create these in a variety of styles, from straightforward designs to intricate mirrored patterns.

Atherstone Homes

For the numerous newly constructed homes and homes undergoing renovation in Atherstone, sliding wardrobes have established themselves as a timeless option. These wardrobes are a choice that will complement your décor for many years to come because they maximise the space in any room and fill difficult room spaces.

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Prepare Your Room for Sliding Wardrobes

When preparing a room for sliding wardrobes, our experts advise fitting the wardrobes first before remodelling the space. Wardrobe installation is simple, but it is recommended to install the sliding wardrobes first to minimise commotion and damage in the event that the area requires a new design. To learn more, stop by our showroom or contact one of our specialists right away.


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