Built-In Fitted Wardrobes

Built-in fitted wardrobe systems are a fantastic way to increase space in your room and give your house a stylish feel. Built to limit wasted space by utilising the area from floor to ceiling, your made-to-measure wardrobe will always improve the look of a room.

Built-in Wardrobe with Sliding or Fitted Doors

We offer a number of doors at Glide & Slide, both sliding and hinged. The sliding door is great for those with limited floor space as there is little space required in front of the wardrobe; the doors slide, on a track system, left to right. Hinged doors however do require a bit of space in front of the wardrobe; these are best for those who want easy access to all parts of their wardrobe but have the capacity to open the doors into the room.

In the past, there have been a limited number of design options for wardrobes and some may have considered them stark and plain but that is no longer the case. Here at Glide & Slide, a range of design options, colours, mirrors, glass, patterns and finishes to choose from that truly make your fitted wardrobes a signature piece of the style and theme of your bedroom.


The extensive benefits of installing a built-in wardrobe system make the investment in a fitted closet more than worth it:

  • Helps to use space efficiently
  • Efficient installation process
  • Improves day to day life with organisation and tidiness benefits
  • Options available for all budgets
  • Customisable to suit your style
  • Help to reduce dust collection
  • Adds value to your property

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Why invest in a built-in wardrobe system?

Probably the most common reason for installing a fitted wardrobe is the improved efficiency, both in space and day to day life. A mirrored sliding wardrobe uses space more efficiently than a free-standing wardrobe as it is built to fit the room it is in. Not only this, but mirrored doors also offer the added benefit of making a small, tight space seem a lot wider.

If mirrored wardrobe doors aren’t quite for you, that’s not an issue as bespoke built-in wardrobes can be customised to suit your style and décor. If you’d prefer something more traditional or something contemporary like frosted glass, that can all be arranged as fitted wardrobes are built with you and your tastes in mind.

As for the day-to-day improvements, a fitted wardrobe is structured to fit your clothes and other items keeping your bedroom organised. Built-in wardrobes have also been shown to reduce allergies as dust cannot collect on top as it can with a free-standing wardrobe. Your life will be much improved with more organisation and less sneezing!

In addition to the many benefits highlighted above, installing a built-in fitted wardrobe is a financial investment as it adds significant value to your property. Although selling your house is probably the last thing on your mind if you’re thinking of purchasing a fitted wardrobe, However, if the cost is scaring you a bit, just remember that this will more than be paid for as it adds further value to your property.

How will my wardrobe be installed?

The installation process starts with you designing a wardrobe online and sending us the order or calling in our team of designers to come to your home and listen to your design ideas. You will then work closely with our designers to decide on the perfect wardrobe. When you’ve got your heart set on a design our talented installation team will fit the built-in wardrobe leaving you with your bespoke masterpiece.

Frame Options

Trent Profile

Trent Range

A 33mm wide steel framed system, incorporating cost effective designs to suit everyone

Avon Profile

Avon Range

A 26mm wide aluminium framed system offering a more elegant and superior look

Thames Profile

Thames Range

A sophisticated and stylish look, the framework is a 31.7mm wide aluminium profile 

Eden Profile

Eden Range

6 aluminum frame colour choices

Available in glass/mirror
or MFC wood effect

Soft close feature available

How much will my fitted wardrobe cost?

Here at Glide and Slide, we understand how important price is when deciding to purchase a built in wardrobe. We also understand that a lot of households are very busy and don’t have time to box a free consultation to decide the price. That’s why we’ve created a wardrobe configurator where you can get a rough estimate of overall cost by answering a set of questions. Our software also allows you to see a sketch of the wardrobe before purchasing. To determine the cost of installing a built-in wardrobe, try out our design-your-own-wardrobe feature.

Why choose Glide & Slide?

As a company with many years of wardrobe fitting experience, you can guarantee the following things when you choose Glide & Slide:

  • Customer Support from initial enquiry to after installation evaluation
  • CAD Design used to bring to life your dream wardrobe
  • Constant communication throughout the manufacturing process to ensure you are happy
  • Products can be self or professionally installed – your choice!
  • Knowledgable Staff are always on hand to offer industry advice and guidance
  • Finally, a 5 Year Product Warranty
Glide and Slide 5 year warranty