Slatwall Panels For Bedrooms

Slatwall Feature Headboards

Whether you have a headboard for your bed or not, Glide and Slide’s Slatwall panels for bedrooms add a simple but effective feature to your room. Our wooden, liner panels come in many shades from dark to light and can be cut to size or shape to fit any shaped room. The application of our slat wall panels is quick and easy, and our custom-made panels can be applied horizontally or vertically to depict the effect and design you’d like.

Although our Slatwall panels for bedrooms work well as headboards, they also make great feature walls or doors for your fitted wardrobes!

slat wall panelling bedroom
slatwall panel wardrobes evening lighting

Slatwall Wardrobe Doors

Our Panels add texture and tone to the surface they’re applied to and if you’ve already installed a fitted wardrobe with Glide and Slide, you can opt-in for Slatwall panel doors. Whether you want new doors or choose Slatwall panels for bedrooms from the initial design board, Glide and Slide can transform your bedroom with this simple touch. We can take any room and create a dynamic backdrop or feature wall to draw the eye into the space more. Our wooden tones are warm and inviting and can change to mood of a room, especially with morning or evening lighting. Our wooden furnishings are also bespoke and made to measure complement Slatwall panels for bedrooms. Your wardrobes, headboard and side tables can all mirror each other in style and give a uniform appearance for a fitted bedroom.

Elevate Your Bedroom

Slatwall panels for bedrooms will easily elevate your space with the addition of depth and texture. They have acoustic properties when mounted with felt backing and can increase the atmosphere of your bedroom with immediate effect. With custom sizes available, we’ll install your panels and cut around the space where needed so that we can accommodate for wall sockets, skirting boards and coving. A seamless finish is achieved with our adhesive application and expert hands to set your panels in the way you imagine them. They will elongate any wall and make your space look open and longer with linear lines creating illusions in your bedroom.

slat wall panelling
slat wall bedroom

Minimal Damage & Disruption

If you’re looking to redecorate a space and don’t like the idea of painting or choosing out wallpapers that will take time and money, then Slatwall panels are a great option to consider. Lightweight, easy to apply and no need to gut your room out to paint or apply wallpaper, our Slatwall panels for bedrooms involve a quick installation with minimal disruption. They’re made with quality, locally sourced materials and are guaranteed to last you for years to come.

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Installation of Your Slatwall

It’s easy peasy! Our installers fit your slatwall panelling quickly and with very little disruption to your home. Our panels come separately and custom size, and will be attached to your walls with an adhesive and some screws. They’ll appear seamless and attractive as they reach from ceiling to skirting board in a neat and detailed application.

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