Sliding Wardrobes for Hotels

Sliding wardrobe doors add practicality to a room as well as utilise the space efficiently while looking great! Make your guest’s stay comfortable and organised with our sliding wardrobes.

Sliding Wardrobes, Perfect for Hotels

If you are looking to fit your hotel with quality, long-lasting wardrobes that can optimise space with storage, then Glide and Slide are here to help. We’re experts at what we do and all of our sliding wardrobes for hotels can be custom-made to fit any space, no matter how small, large or awkward.

We have multiple designs to choose from, such as mirrors, glass, or panels. We offer hinged doors too but can’t recommend our sliding doors enough to utilise space and give a sleek finish that adds something to your hotel rooms.

If you’re looking to update your hotel furniture or are a new-build looking for interiors, then Glide and Slide can take your requirements and fit your wardrobes to whatever style you need. We can provide sliding wardrobes for hotels and B&Bs with the intention of organising spaces and giving your hotel guest everything, they could require for short or long stays.

With customisable compartments for the interior of your sliding fitted wardrobes, guest can hang up their clothes, store shoes and accessories as well as their luggage bags to help organise their stay at your hotel. With the practicality of a mirror panel or multiple mirror panels, you will be using space efficiently without the need for further furniture like stand-alone mirrors in your rooms. So buy your bespoke fitted wardrobes from Glide and Slide now, for great quality and unbeatable prices.

sliding wardrobes perfect for hotels
Slide and Glide hotel sliding wardobes

A fantastic 5-year warranty on your fitted wardrobes for peace of mind

Looking For Inspiration?

Come and visit our showroom or look at our online brochure if you’re wanting ideas. We have a wardrobe configurator for those wanting to accurately measure sizes and plan their sliding wardrobes so that they can be customised. We have a wide range of colours to choose from, so you can incorporate your hotel brand colours into your interiors.

All our wardrobes have a 5 year warranty.

5 year Warranty Glide and Slide

We can help you with your options and measurements but give us a call or get a free quote today! 

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