School Strorage

Space in classrooms is paramount. That’s why at Glide & Slide, we custom-build all school storage. Everything we make is tailored to meet your requirements. Don’t hesitate in discussing your classroom storage with us today!

storage wardrobe in school made by glide & slide

School Classroom Storage

Any classroom size can benefit from our school storage. Our drawers, wardrobes, and benches are made to measure in order to meet your exact requirements. Workbooks, stationery, coats and other school supplies can be stored in our school storage.

In addition to looking neat and tidy in the classroom, the benches and drawers also double as shelving to display the children's art!

Offering School Storage Solutions

Educational furniture should be long-lasting. It only lasts if the quality is premium, and the furniture maximises space. Outgrowing furniture isn’t a thing when you are utilising all space available. With the number of supplies schools need when it comes to classrooms, you can only keep a tidy work area if you have sufficient storage space. Books, paper, pens, paint, school bags, coats, first aid and laptops should be stowed safely away with everything being easily accessible for the teacher and pupils when needed. Every school would benefit from Glide & Slide’s 30 years of experience. Get in contact with us today to discuss how we can better transform your classroom storage.


Desks are a huge necessity in every classroom and often come with different types to suit different methods of work. Glide & Slide build desks to suit every space, whether it’s a computer desk, a singular desk for examination or a large desk to accommodate several pupils in a classroom. Custom building our furniture means we can tailor each product to fit the needs of your school exactly. If you want a certain size, style, colour or specific moulding, we are more than happy to help. Contact us for FREE advice.


Our storage drawers are perfect for classroom storage. Stationary, textbooks and anti-bac wipes all need a place to keep your classroom clutter-free and spacious. Drawers can be made to fit in with your school desks which is a unique feature Glide & Slide pride ourselves on. Being experienced in custom made furniture gives us the flexibility to fit all briefs and leaves the best customer satisfaction.


Wardrobes are what Glide & Slide are most famous for. Our expertise in all types of wardrobes won’t be beaten. Lab coats, School blazers & PE kits will be stowed away in a trendy, maximising storage space with all wardrobes we custom build. With a vast array of products, colours, types and more to choose from, you won’t be disappointed.

desks made bespoke by glide & slide
fitted drawers built bespokely by glide & slide

Built on-site at Glide & Slide’s own manufacturing warehouse!

At Glide & Slide, we support British manufacturing.  Everything we build is tailor-made in our very own manufacturing workshop in Aldridge. From design to creation, we make sure all products are quality assured and meet the needs of our customers.


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