Over bed storage

Over Bed Storage is a great way to create more floor space by utilizing the free space above your bed. Glide & Slide work to the contours of your bedroom to create a stylish and functional design.

Storage Over Bed

Over Bed Storage Solutions

Working with fitted furniture to optimize your living space is Glide & Slides specialty. We provide both modern and functional over bed storage solutions that fit perfectly to the contours of your bedroom, while at the same time doubling as a practical piece of furniture for your stowage needs.

With over bed storage, you will benefit from freed up floor space and rather than making your bedroom feel smaller from the use of a traditional wardrobe, elevating the storage means for a more open feel in the bedroom, and can create a larger storage area with added shelves.

Benefits of Over Bed Storage

With its contemporary feel, over bed storage is making a comeback from its heyday back in the 80’s. People are preferring the sleek, stylish look that comes with over bed storage. The added accompaniment of shelving allows for books, plants and photos to be displayed, which is something traditional wardrobes and chests of drawers don’t accommodate for.

|f you’ve ever tried to move a wardrobe or chest of drawers, you know how heavy they are. With over bed storage, you won’t have to move them which enables you to vacuum the floor and won’t leave you with indented carpets that can sometimes be resulted in by the feet on wardrobes and chest of drawers.

Over Bed Storage Glide & Slide

Glide & Slide for Over Bed Storage and More!

Glide & Slide specializes in made to measure, bespoke furniture. We work around your requirements. We are used to utilising underused space to make for an expansion of your living areas. With over 40 years of experience in bespoke furnishing, Glide & Slide can work around the contours of any bedroom, making them truly individual.

We can make fixtures of any size and shape to fit your area perfectly and have an array of modern and sleek designs to complement any space. Our furniture is made with the purpose to maximize your space efficiently, using only high-quality materials to create the desirable, flawless, and chic look for you.

Glide & Slide are dedicated to providing exceptional service and work directly with you throughout the entire process to guarantee we fulfil your expectations. We provide reliable customer service and a FREE, no-obligation consultation at your house.

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