Fitted Wardrobes For Student Rentals

With designs for all room sizes and shapes, Glide and Slide can help you find the best fitted wardrobes for student rentals.

Fitted wardrobes, Perfect for Rentals

If you are a landlord looking to kit out your student housing or rental homes with furniture that lasts, then Glide and Slide can provide you with all you need. We’re experts at what we do and we encourage landlords to add fitted wardrobes for student rentals to bring further value to their houses and add practicality for their tenants. Reduce the furniture items you replace or fix up every few years with our made-to-last, reliable wardrobes. See our range of fitted wardrobes for student rentals here.

We have multiple options for fitted wardrobes, and many designs you can choose from. We have sliding doors, optimising the space in small rooms by removing hinged doors. However, you can have mirrored doors with options for mirrors on either sliding doors or hinged doors, making the wardrobe practical and multifunctional.

If you are looking to get fitted wardrobes for all bedrooms in a property, this will already become a more attractive quality for your rentals. Potential tenants will see how every space is utilised efficiently and with all furniture matching, the house appears more put together and modern.

fitted wardrobes for student rentals
Slide and Glide hotel sliding wardobes

A fantastic 5-year warranty on your fitted wardrobes for piece of mind

What Glide and Slide Offer

Our stylish range of fitted wardrobes will increase storage space for bedrooms no matter how small or large a space. With made-to-measure wardrobes, we aim to utilise space to its full potential, leaving no gaps between walls and wardrobe. With increased storage space, your tenants will be more likely to consider a property as they will need less furniture. As well as this benefit, with our range of designs, Glide and Slide can fit stylish designs that complement a property, increasing its value. Fitted wardrobes for student rentals are a great idea as your potential tenants are looking for practical but stylish rooms and wardrobe space is always a plus.

Unlike the build-your-own wardrobes with unreliable hinged doors, our fitted wardrobes are made to last. They can store a large quantity of clothes and accessories with many compartments inside for houses with limited storage space. With clean finishes, functional sliding doors and the options for mirrors, glass or colour designs, Glide and Slide can add value to your properties, even if you go on to sell the house in the future. Our wardrobes are great for modern properties, new builds or older houses.

With our service including the installation of your choice of wardrobes, we can advise you on the best options and help you customise your wardrobes from room to room. If you have small spaces or awkward ceilings, we can easily work with these spaces too, modifying the fitted wardrobes to shape.

Fitted Wardrobes Near Me

Glide and Slide are located in Aldridge but we offer our fitted wardrobes for student rentals and other products all over the West Midlands and further out. So if you’re searching for the perfect space-saving wardrobes, we’ve got you covered. Our showroom is also located in Aldridge, if you’re up for a visit, come and speak to our team to find all you need for the perfect bedroom.

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